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Cresstec earns the esteemed World Future Award for Best Energy Saving Solutions in 2023

5 June 2023 I

It is with great excitement that we confirm our achievement in the New York World Future Awards for 2023, winning "Best Energy Saving Solution "

Globally recognized for their dedication to revolutionizing sustainability, Cresstec emphasizes energy reduction and efficiency.

Established in 2014, Cresstec (Carbon Reducing Energy Saving Solutions and Technologies) prioritizes sustainability without compromising convenience.

Their HVAC-R Research & Development Testing Facility pioneers advancements in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The patented REED technology optimizes refrigerant usage, reducing electricity consumption and system wear while dynamically responding to environmental demands.

Collaborations with the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water underscore Cresstec's commitment to preventing air-conditioning faults.

Led by Ian Nankivell (CEO), David Tomson (COO), Steve Smith (Sales Manager), and Michael Woods (Lead Engineer), the visionary team continues to champion innovative, environmentally responsible solutions.

Congratulations to the Cresstec team on this wonderful achievement!


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