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This is Cresstec

The world needs reduction solutions today, and Cresstec is delivering technologies that reduce costs, emissions, and complexities for a secure and sustainable future.

Our promise is to develop novel innovations and products that make people’s lives and the world better.

CRESSTEC is an acronym for Carbon Reducing Energy Saving Solutions and Technologies; its very definition is exactly what our company stands for.

- Ian Nankivell, CEO


Our Vision

Cresstec's vision is for advancement through the development of sustainable reduction technologies.

Our History

Founded in 2014, the beginnings of Cresstec Pty Ltd was a vision held by, three likeminded professionals, that believed being sustainable didn’t mean sacrificing convenience or efficiency. That in fact these technologies could advance and simplify our lives, while in turn benefitting the world we live in.

Customer Driven

Our customer focus is to build long-term strategic relationships, to provide unique insights and deliver exceptional customer experiences and solutions.

Future Focused

Cresstec is where ideology meets engineering and business blurs the lines of environmentalism, where we invent solutions for today’s problems while discovering the advancements that will take us well into the future.

One Team

We are one team, dedicated to working collaboratively to create innovative solutions that propel the world forward in a responsible sustainable way.

Our Timeline

Our Timeline


Cresstec HVAC-R Research & Development Testing Facility (CHRDTF)


The CHRDTF was opened in North Rocks NSW, February of 2016 and has been purposed with performing world first experiments to develop new knowledge and test theories and hypothesis relating to HVAC and the vapour compression cycle.

This facility has delivered a significant bank of world first data and data analysis around HVAC system performances in both static and transient conditions.

Recently, Cresstec completed work for the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water - Environment Protection Division - Atmosphere and Reporting Branch - Ozone and Climate Protection Section supplying reports on the Effects of preventable faults on air-conditioning systems. 


Ozone publications and resources - DCCEEW

Effects of preventable faults on air-conditioning systems at T1

Effects of preventable faults on air-conditioning systems at T2

Effects of preventable faults on air-conditioning systems at T3


Our Partners and Certifications 

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Meet the Leadership Team

Ian Nankivell
David Tomson
Steve Smith
Sales Manager
Lead Engineer
Michael Woods
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