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World First, Retrofit,
HVAC-R Energy &
Emission Reducing Product, REED.

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Cresstec, born from a desire to affect change,  set to change the world.

Cresstec was founded in 2014 with the view that being sustainable doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience or efficiency. That sustainable technologies should advance and simplify our lives, while in turn benefitting the world, in which we live.

It is clear we need reduction solutions today, and Cresstec is delivering, with technologies that reduce costs, emissions, and complexities for a secure and sustainable future.

The world requires refrigeration and air conditioning for nearly every aspect of modern-day life.

From food production and storage, data and telecommunications, manufacturing,
pharmaceuticals, mining, and environmental control.

However, there are problems, commercially, HVAC-R contributes to well in excess of 50% of the electricity spend and it is the largest single sector user of electricity on the planet.


Green House Gas (GHG) abatement is one of the most important problems facing companies across all industries today.

Refrigerants are considered “super pollutants” because they trap heat in the atmosphere thousands of times more effectively than carbon dioxide.

carbon offsets add a significant annual cost to your business that will only increase with market demand and time. While technologies that can offer significant reductions are elusive.


Replacing refrigeration and air conditioning systems for newer more efficient plant can be cost prohibitive.

There is no question these systems are big-ticket items. In most facilities, they are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment.

This capital expenditure in general results in unrealistic ROI’s along with the significant down time during the installation.


Reactive or corrective maintenance represents a significant cost to business.

Reactive maintenance takes place once the problem has occurred, the biggest single disadvantage is the unpredictable nature with this approach to maintenance.  If an asset unexpectedly fails, it can cause a major disruption, these are costly failures that can affect productivity and reduce the life of the plant.

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HVAC-R systems are designed to perform optimally in laboratory test conditions.


These conditions rarely occur in the real world, a major issue with commercial HVAC-R systems is inefficiencies that occur when running in the real worldThe systems are sized to be able to operate in extreme conditions and loads, however, operate most of the time inefficiently in low load conditions.

Meet Reed

The Regulating Efficiency & Emissions Device (REED) is a patented, multi award winning refrigerant management and energy saving technology.

REED works by allowing for dynamic refrigerant optimisation to perfectly match the demand and environmental requirements. REED stores refrigerant ENERGY to save electricity and reduce system wear.


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