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Introducing Cresstec REED™

Regulating Efficiency & Emissions Device

Meet Reed

The Regulating Efficiency & Emissions Device (REED) is a patented, multi award winning refrigerant management and energy saving technology.

REED works by opening the systems refrigerant circuit allowing for dynamic refrigerant optimisation to perfectly match the demand and environmental requirements.


REED also harvests and stores refrigerant energy normally lost through system operation and uses this ENERGY to save electricity and reduce system wear.



  • Carbon reduction not offset solution

  • World first optimisation product for HVAC-R

  • Potential energy recovery and storage

  • Simple Retrofit Installation to existing or new equipment.

  • Single Phase 110-240V 60 Watts

  • Access to real-time data


  • 70kW-2MW (per circuit)

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Retro Fit Design

The REED system is easily retrofittable to any existing or newly installed HVAC-R system. With only two pipes per circuit connected to the resident system and a 110-240v power connection, the system is extremely quick to install, and it only requires minimal downtime of the existing infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency - Dynamic Charge Optimisation

REED is a world first optimisation technology that can remove refrigerant from the system when the conditions do not require it and return it when it does minimising the electricity required for operation.

REED removes refrigerant from the system and stores it maintaining the high pressure the system had generated. This energy gives the system a boost in performance when returned, further reducing the energy requirement and increasing system life.

REED supply’s the correct amount of cooling or heating for the least amount of electricity.

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Emissions Reduction - Automated Leak Detection


REED’s novel design, fluid connectivity, precision sensor suite and machine learning enables it to detect system leaks, micro leaks and intermittent micro leaks that occur at pressure with an advanced level of accuracy only achievable through REED.

Deterministic Artificial Intelligence (AI)

REED utilises Deterministic Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify potential efficiency gains and system optimisations. The benefit of the Deterministic AI over standard black box AI is validated repeatable optimised performance and behaviours in real world settings. REED utilises a digital twin configuration, this structure provides a virtual model of the environment as well as models for the HVAC circuits. The digital twin allows for simulated testing of improved detection and control mechanism prior to implementation in the real world.


System Monitoring - Predictive & Preventative Maintenance (AI)


REED’s machine learning will continually diagnose, predict and notify stakeholders about possible faults allowing for proactive maintenance during programmed downtime. REED’s onboard refrigerant gauges offer service technicians the ability to remotely monitor the system (without the need to attach refrigerant gauges) and see in real time.

Pressures and temperatures in all four stages of the vapor compression cycle are displayed on the screen and remotely.

  • Superheat

  • Sub cooling

  • Power usage

  • Temperature and humidity

  • Flow meters

  • System capacity

Independent Validation

Screenshot 2024-02-09 171327.png

" In the 20+ years I have spent in the HVAC space I have not seen technology this clever hit the market, I truly believe this will change the way we look at vapour compression refrigerant systems across our industry." 

Simon Cummins - Group General Manager - Brian Cummins Group.

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