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CSIRO Testing

22 May 2019

A big step forward today as the REED engineering prototype arrived at the National HVAC Performance Test Facility.

The CSIRO tested the cooling capacity of a air conditioner with the Regulating Energy Efficiency Device (REED) for Cresstec Pty Ltd. The air conditioner is a reverse cycle ducted split unit, with variable speed compressor. The unit (air-conditioned with REED) was tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3823.1.2:2012, with various refrigerant charges. The test results apply to the air-conditioned and REED as received.

The unit was installed as the requirements of AS/NZS3823.1.2:2012, with the REED connected as instructed by the client. Installation of the unit was performed by a subcontracted qualified refrigerant handling technician.


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